Websites done right!

What is Didddly?

Didddly is a WordPress based platform that builds websites right. With our platform you are able to get your website up in a matter of days. Allowing you to focus more on your customers and less on the other stuff.

Why Choose Didddly?

We like to focus on all of the painful parts of building a website and let you reap the rewards. After building countless custom WordPress websites, we’ve identified some key pain points. With a lot of testing and hard work, we were able to solve these problems and build a platform that allows all of our websites to benefit at once.

Features Include:

Quick turnaround time

A typical website project can last anywhere from one to six months. With our platform, we can have a staging domain up for you in a matter of hours for you to start entering your content.

Maintenance free

No more worrying about updating WordPress or any of your plugins. We handle all of that along with making sure they are optimized to be as fast as possible.

Mobile friendly

More than ever it is important to have a website that works for everyone. We make sure everything we do keeps mobile users in mind from the beginning.

Website lifecycle

What works now and what users are doing changes every few years. This causes the average website to be rebuilt and redesigned every few years. Didddly is constantly updating the core in order to keep up with these trends. Instead of starting over every few years, you site is being updated monthly.

Google PageSpeed

It’s always been important to make sure your website is loading fast. This is even more important now that Google is factoring this into their rankings. We are constantly updating our core to keep compliant with them and make sure your search engine rankings aren’t harmed due to PageSpeed rankings.

Component library

With our custom component library you can build a wide variety of pages. We break it down to line by line items when creating your pages. By doings this, anyone can create a beautiful web page in a matter of minutes. If you have to use any code, then we did it wrong.

Still WordPress

Since we are built on the #1 website platform in the world, anyone with WordPress experience will feel right at home. This also means that you can still hire any WordPress SEO company that you want and they’ll feel right at home.